Financial Consultants

At Pareto, we pride ourselves in our efficiency as financial consultants. Our activities include sourcing funds from our investors, which we invest in profitable ventures. Contact us today. Read more

Work study engineers

We assist management to obtain the optimum use of their human, material and plant resources with the following objective.

(a) To provide the most effective use of plant and equipment

(b) To provide the most effective use of human effort by evaluating human work.

(c) To provide the most effective use of material at work place.

Project Consultants

The project is made up of man, material and plant/equipment. We help companies analyse, plan and control these resources.

As financial consultants/investment advisers, our expertise in project analyses, planning and control gives us an edge in project economic evaluation for better advice to both the investor and prospective client.

O&M Specialist

O & M (Organisation and method) is the practice of workstudy in service industry or office.